Facilitating Student Involvement in Curriculum Development: Examples from the Core Curriculum and Psychology

April 12, 9:15 am - 10:15 am.

Presenter:Ludmila Praslova, Professor and Director, Educational Effectiveness and Institutional Research; Karen Hummel, Associate Professor and Chair, Psychology; Andrew Millington, Undergraduate Student; Christopher Kupitz, Undergraduate Student; Selah Cosentino, Undergraduate Student; Laila Collman, Undergraduate Student; and Lydia Mack, Undergraduate Student,Vanguard University of Southern California

Active, collaborative learning through involvement in meaningful projects with other students and faculty is important for a quality student educational experience (Chickering & Gamson, 1987; Kuh, 2008). In this session students and faculty present examples of collaboration in curricular planning and development in General Education (critical thinking) and in a major (Psychology).

Track 1: Putting Students at the Center – The Meaning of Degrees, Quality of Learning, and Student Success